How to write an essay through Critical Essay Help – a Guide for Students

The word Essay is defined as a literary composition on any subject. It is a written composition giving expression to one’s own personal ideas or opinions on some topic. But the term usually covers also any written composition.

In fact the word essay applies to a variety of compositions. So far we are concerned an essay is an exercise in composition. It is well rememberedthat the word essay means an attempt. The essays we write at school or colleges to express one’s thought in English. One should be selective when writing an essay. One should do practice of writing essay as much as possible. Below mentioned are some of the pointers which will help the students to write effective essay.

  1. Students may have their topic assigned or given free choice to write an essay on the topic of their choices. They should acquire good knowledge by reading various books, magazines, newspaper etc. One should have command over the language; otherwise it is not possible to write a good essay.
  2. A person who reads much and widely keep his mind with a large variety of facts he can write good essay. One should acquire a love of reading good books on various subjectsto be able to write good essays. One who has knowledge of large number of vocabulary he can write a good essay.
  3. Writing a good essay requires knowing his life around, oneshould have a good observation power to keep him make acquainted one’s surrounding. The essay should be brief and easy to understand. No high sounding words should be used, so that people cannot understand the language. Language should be lucid and sweet.
  4. We should read various books to keep ourselves informed about various happenings in our surroundings. A good observation of the surroundings make one a good essay writer.One should be logical, during writing of essays.
  5. We should learn from various people how to gain knowledge. A good writer acquires knowledge by reading various magazines newspaper and books. We should collect materials from various sources.
  6. One should have a clear and good conception of the subject of essay. Therefore it is necessary to study good books and talk with learned men and women. One should be imaginative in writing good essays.
  7. One should read various books and acquire conception to write a good essay. Only reading of books is not sufficient, he should have conception clear after the book. The writer of an essay should have own style to write the essay. He should not copy from others. The essay should have personal touch of the writer.
  8. We should have good idea about the subjects, ideas and facts. Then we can write a good essay. A good essay consists of style and touch of the writer. The essay should not be too much long. The style of an essay must be more dignified and literary.
  9. We should read selected good books for gaining knowledge in various subjects. We should be able to collect good ideas from books and discussing with various people. The essays may be classified as follow:
    • Narrative Essays: Narrative essays contain a good amount of description.
    • Descriptive Essays: A descriptive essays consist of description of some place and thing.
    • Expository Essays: Expository essays contain of exposition or some subject.
    • Reflective Essays: Reflection of thoughts on some subject.
    • Imaginative Essays: Essays on subject such as feelings and experiences of various places in a lucid language.
  10. Before writing an essay we should make outlines of the essay. When we write an essay it should be logical and complete in every way. If we get good ideas and observation, it is easy to write a good essay. Without knowing the outline of the essay, It is not possible to write a good essay. The essay should be written in a lucid language.
  11. Completion of essay requires a good conclusion. One should be logical and selective in writing conclusion. Without a good conclusion the essay remains incomplete.


All knowledge does not come out from books. We may learn much from the life surrounding around us. Practise writing short descriptions of what we see in our daily life- the people we meet, building s, street scenes, trees and flowers, hills and valleys, the movement of animals and birds. We should not copy reading other people’s description of such things.


One of the difficulties of young people to write good essay, is lack of matter. One should acquire knowledge and conception by reading various subjects and speaking with various types of people. Thus one can acquire knowledge and get his ideas perfect. Study of a few model give us inside into the art of essay writing then any number of lessons on the theory.


Listen to people’s conversation; get them to talk to us about the things they know and discuss subject that interest other.

A writer reads, observes and gets people to talk and in these method he can enriching reader mind with ideas and knowledge.

Special Preparation

In special Preparation writer need to write an essay on some particular subject and the first thing writer must do is to define the subject of the essay.

Defining the Subject

It is very important that writer should have a clear and accurate concept of the subject of the essay before writer attempt to write the essay. Some subjects are so simple that we make a silly mistake, but some other writer looking and define them exactly. The subject is not how computers work. Nor it is a history of Computers.

Yet some students carelessly reading the subject might easily take a large part of essay with such topics. In a short school – essay there is no place for irrelevant details. The writer has to come to the point at once, and start away the subject. The subject in that case whether it is uses of computers in offices, in Industries, in aircraft in spacecraft etc. Therefore it is very necessary that writer should define the subject clearly to his own mind.

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