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Environmental Science is a subject which deals with the physics, chemistry and biology of the ecosystem and encompasses the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live on. It involves the spread of knowledge related to the problems of the environment and steps that can be taken to make use of the environment in a sustainable way. Industrialisation has led to the development of the society; however, the side effect is, it has caused drastic pollution of water and land with improper waste disposals.

If we look in our history, a number of events can also be related to environmental pollution. The most important of such events is the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which led to the release of radiations in the environment that has effects even till date with many newborns having congenital disabilities.

Apart from this, laboratories practice improper disposal of chemicals that can pose as carcinogenic agents and be harmful to the population. The smoke released from industries contains high amounts of nitrosobenzene and chlorofluorocarbons which can prove detrimental to health.

The subject of Environmental Science deals with improving the understanding of the environment surrounding us and helps spread awareness. It is a specialized subject of study, and therefore students may need the help of professionals to undertake environmental assignment Help.

It is a vast area of study which involves the chemistry of the environment and understanding of the polluting agents and chemicals. It also involves the study of natural plants which can act as detoxifying agents of the soil or air. It further encompasses the interaction of the ecosystem and the living and non-living things, the study of natural processes such as volcanic eruptions or glaciers and unnatural processes as well.

The subject can itself be divided into specific sub-areas of study further:


This includes the study of volcanoes and mountains, plateaus, rivers and grasslands and the structure of the terrestrial land that they work together to make. It involves the study of soil and the reasons for soil erosion, its impact on animals and planta and the surrounding area, the flow and direction of water and measures to control the erosion.


This sub-area deals with the study of the interaction of a particular plant or animal species with the environment. It involves marking species as predominant or endangered. Ecologists help in the framing of IUCN Red Data List which states the extinct, vulnerable, endangered species. It also lays down rules and regulation for the conservation of the biosphere and works toward minimizing encroachment by poachers.

Knowledge of Wildlife sanctuaries and nature parks, as well as biosphere reserves and their importance in maintaining the species and wildlife, is an important area of Environmental Science.

Due to the vast sub-divisions of the subject and individual responsibility for maintaining a healthy ecosystem, the students at University level need to develop an understanding and compassion for the subject. This may need expert help who provide environmental assignment Help.It also includes Atmospheric Science:

It involves the study of the atmosphere of Earth, troposphere and stratosphere and the effect of air-borne pollutants on the ozone layer of the Earth. It involves the biologists to identify the impact of the ozone hole which may lead to deadly diseases due to the penetration of UV rays and cause Xeroderma pigmentosum (skin cancer).

It involves spread of the knowledge to minimize air pollution and plant more trees. The rising incidence of global warming and the constant melting of glaciers puts us at an increased risk of another Ice Age and destruction of the human civilization.

Environmental Chemistry:

It deals with the soil and water pollution and the release of chemicals into the environment. The biologists study the nature of the chemicals and their effect on the marine environment and water bodies. It also involves the study of toxic chemicals and its effects on plants and soil surrounding its release and determination of remedial measures.

Environmental Science is thus a vast subject, and it involves fulfilling a number of objectives. These can be made aware to the students if they opt for environmental assignment Help.

Some of the objectives which the professionals could discuss would be as follows:

To point out the global environmental problems:

Environmental problems such as global warming, ozone layer depletion, climate change not only occur at the national level but at a global scale. Students from all spheres of life should be made aware of such problems and how to tackle them for they would be the future of the society.

To attain sustainable means of living:

A healthy environment requires minimization of poor waste disposal that may pollute the air or water. It involves minimization of use of plastic for example so that tons of it is not disposed of in the sea-water posing as toxicity to fishes and marine biology. It involves more of reusing resources and limiting the waste of resources such as electricity and water at home and rebuilding them for reuse.

To spread the knowledge of conservation of biodiversity:

Loss of biodiversity can pose a serious threat to our environment. The subject of environmental science teaches us to use the resources and practice the 3 R’s- reduce, reuse and recycle. It involves using sustainable products and conserving power with the additional use of eco-friendly products.

To develop the behaviour of utilizing natural resources efficiently

Training of human resource in the light of Environmental Science and making them use natural resources more efficiently is one of the main objectives. This training begins at the level of primary studies and foundation at colleges and Universities where students must be taught to manage the environment and practice conservation methods. This may need the help of experts who provide environmental assignment Help to instil among students an in-depth understanding of their actions and the impact on the environment.

In order to become an Environmental Engineer, you must have sound and innovative ideas to study the environment and be able to derive measures for better sustainability and improve agriculture methods.

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You will also be able to concentrate more on the final examinations and prepare yourself for competitive exams so you can attain a definite position to help nurture your environment in a better way.

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