Frequently Asked Questions

Why Work With Help my Assignment

We have a professional team that is well-versed in the integration processes that make it a long-standing, cooperative working habit and harmony, experienced and academic. Since our confidence in our team is based on existing work, you can be confident that a unique and quality work will emerge at the end of the study.

What do you think about the Thesis / Project / Homework that you sent me?

If the reason you do not like is that we incorporate missing or incorrect information or data about the study, the necessary corrections will be carried out within your knowledge - as soon as possible - in a way that will not harm you. The aspects and sections of the work you do not like will be revised and presented again to your liking.

How will work be sent to me?

When your work is completed, it will be sent to the e-mail address you specified or any other soft copy format you want.

How can I use the work you give me?

Any Thesis, Project or Assignment you wish to pursue will be prepared solely for the purpose of supporting your research or / and creating a reference. Except for these purposes, you are solely responsible for all work.

According to what criteria are the fees charged?

The pricing of the Thesis, Project and Assignment you want to fulfill may vary according to many factors. The main elements that determine the amount of the progress payment are as follows: Field of the worker - Type of the worker - Length of the worker - Scope of the worker - Where on the job the worker will prepare - Which period of the worker is requested during the year - How much work and research work will be required The level of expertise required by the job - additional possible justifications required to be carried out for the study. More detailed information on pricing can be found on our pages.

Are you open to the Privacy Policy?

As Help my Assignment services, your personal information is not shared with third parties or institutions and colleges under any circumstances or condition. It is a natural outgrowth of respect for the fundamental reason that we acquire the privacy principle of your personal information, and the tension that is going to be spent on you and the process. And this is the most important part of our work.

When will you start the work?

As Help my Assignment family, we will begin to work together with you to approve the evaluation of the information on your application form after the system falls on place, or to review the details of how we will conduct your work with mutual exchange of ideas with you.

Do you also provide the hard copy format of your assignment?

No, we can only send you the soft copy format of the assignment. We do not provide any hard copy supplies