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Operational research is basically an analytical method that works as a problem solving and decision-making tool. It is very useful in the management of organisations. In this research sector, problems are divided into certain basic components, and then they are solved by using mathematical analysis.

The mathematical methods used in operational research include simulation, mathematical logic, queuing theory, Operational Researchwork analysis. Using these techniques like mathematical modelling helps to analyze complex situations and this yields more effective decision-making approach and productive system considering the probable outcome and associated risk.

In fact, the use of mathematical analysis helps to formulate and to solve problems at a different level. The methods are designed in such a pattern that problems can be solved effectively, quickly and efficiently.

Operational research and mathematical methods include certain tools to solve the following issues –

  • Real-time: Update solutions quickly with new information
  • Real-time: Update solutions quickly with new information
  • Decision-making: This helps in to frame an effective decision and thereby choose the best option
  • Operational Researchwork: Operational Researchwork analysis is widely used to understand the links between people, how to effectively schedule Operational Researchwork routes and how to distribute information in the social Operational Researchwork.
  • Optimization: Mathematical method is used to provide the best solution to a particular problem. For example, mathematical programming models are widely used in finding quick solutions.
  • Probability theory: This theory helps to understand uncertain risks and analyzing uncertain events.
  • Computer simulations: Computer models represent a process based on probability and different decision-making policies. This simulation helps understanding how systems perform in different conditions and allow users to test different processes applying possible approaches.

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Operational research is largely connected to logistics and thus, to understand this subject from its root, one must have a clear concept about logistics. Logistics is all about getting the right things in the right place and at the right time. Operational research has applied many mathematical tools to provide this service in a quick, efficient and flexible manner. Logistics is about management of the services from origin to the destination. It is related to the delivery of cargo, crops, groceries and course manufactured goods.

Problems on which operational research work –

Operational research help is making critical decisions which affect the progress of the organization as well as policies of state, local and national governments. The problems they handle involve a designing system which can be operated most effectively. For example, your manufacturing company has developed an all-new device. The question is how and when you can promote it in the market to grab the attention of the target audience.

Being an operational researcher, you must find out the possible alternatives which are easily available. After that, an analysis should be carried out to determine the most suitable option. Based on the area of specialization, you can get the answers to complex questions such as –

  • What are the fewer cost precautions that can reduce the manifestation of environmental impact on the oil spill?
  • How many elevators should be installed in the office to reduce the waiting time?
  • How often should checkup be scheduled for members?
  • How can a dress manufacturer design its pattern and layout to minimize wastage of material?
  • How should a hospital plan its location, services and capacity for the upcoming years?

A careful analysis of operational research can help you get answers to all these questions. In order to understand this subject from its core such as what are its core functions and how does it work, one needs expert advice. This is a vast area where one can gain knowledge of all Operational Researchworking pathways. When a student is given an assignment on operational research, it will take much time to complete it at the right time and without expert’s help, it will be very difficult for him or her to give solutions to every problem.

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Use of operational research in real-world business

  • Planning and forecasting: This is an important sector where operational research plays an important role. In this field, operational research helps to determine manufacturing capacity, relocation of the workforce, resources, economic stability and so on.
  • Marketing: Operational research in customer profiling as well as the implementation of sale campaigns to promote the product to its target audience.
  • Scheduling: OR helps in maintaining a balance between procurement chains and processing orders in an assembly line.
  • Facility planning: OR helps in designing an online application or system. To define in other terms, it can be said that it prepares the floor plan of a manufacturing building.

Importance of operational research

If you are thinking about the use of operational research in today’s market, here is the detail description. To facilitate an effective decision-making process in an organization, operational research plays an important role. Afterall, Operational plays a huge role in planning and decision-making. The decision-making here refers to the optimization of the production process. Therefore, it can rightly be said that OR is very important for a business organization as it helps to reach its goal.

  • Operational research simplifies the business environments: Now you must be wondering how it is possible. Isn’t it become more complicated if mathematical principles are applied? Well, this entirely depends on how you are applying OR in this process. In a business infrastructure, mathematical principles like figures and numbers provide the most reliable information. Quantification gives positivity, and therefore, business decisions can be taken more accurately.
  • OR optimizes the usefulness of data: depending on the size of the organization, there are a lot of data that an organization has to deal on a regular basis. Larger organization means a million bits of information and checking each and every data is a tedious task as well as time-consuming. OR methods make it easy to handle those problems in an efficient manner. Thereby, this helps taking a decision faster.
  • OR optimizes resources: Resources are limited, and therefore, organizations have to find out ways to make the best use of resources minimizing the wastage. At the same time, it has to ensure that the goods are of high quality and meet the requirements of the customers.
  • Or ensures on-time delivery of products to its customers: OR fastens the decision-making process, and this makes the entire system more systematic so that an organization can provide high-quality products to its customers when they need it the most. Having high-quality products is of no use if you fail to provide it to its users at the right time.

For all these reasons mentioned above, operational research is considered highly important for a business organization. This subject is a complex one, and you need an expert’s help to understand its various facets from its root. If you are given an assignment on operational research, you may find it difficult to complete it on time if you are not master on this subject.

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The seven-step approach in operational research

There are seven steps involved in operational research. Here, in this part, we will discuss about all these approaches. So, without easting much time, let’s study in detail –

Step 1: Orientation

Operational research requires teamwork. It is not a one-person activity. When a team is equipped various types of skills and specialization, it can better perform the tasks and handle complex situations depending on the areas of excellence.

Therefore, while organizing a team, an operational manager must keep two things in mind – first, each and every team member must understand all the aspects of operational research. The team members must conduct a thorough study on it. Second, the team members must properly understand the complex issues.

Step 2: Problem definition

Whatever method is applied to resolve an issue, it is always considered the most difficult step in the entire process. The reason behind this is that the rest of the activities or steps will be taken following the first step and so if you don’t understand the problem in a detailed manner, you won’t be able to take the right decision at the right time.

On the other hand, if you don’t understand the problem, you will waste a lot of time and resources and thereby end up with taking the wrong decision. So, in this phase, two important things should be done the right way. First, you must identify the important factors that can affect your objective. Second, you should understand the constraints associated with the problem.

Step 3: data collection

Step 3: data collection For collecting data, an operational researcher must keep two things in mind. Namely, you should find out the sources of data. Many sources are depending on the type of data you require. To get the correct value, you first need to understand the sources.

Step 4: model formulation

Model formulation is something which sets operational research apart from other decision-making tools. Where other systems directly analyze the system OR go step by step by following a formulation model. Modelling allows researchers to identify the system the right way. In OR, mainly four types of models are used such as – simulation model, analogue model, physical model and mathematical model.

Step 5: Model solution

This is where you need to take an attempt to solve the problem. To define this stage in words, it can rightly be said that it is the analysis stage. It is the part where an operational research team spends a lot of time and applies a wide number of analytical method and techniques to resolve business problems. The most commonly used techniques in this process include simulation technique, optimization technique and mathematical analysis.

Step 6: Output and validation analysis

Just only applying method does not bring any solution. You need to make sure that the model you used in your analysis is accurate and can bring fruitful result if it is applied in proper order.

Step 7: Monitoring and implementation

It is the final step where one needs to take a decision. It is the time to implement a decision. Though you will still have control over the implementation of a decision, it is highly recommended that you should form a team of members for implementation. Monitoring is an important factor, and it should be done efficiently to provide the best service to customers. It is the best thing to avoid any unforeseen situation.

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