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Advertising and promotion in business assignment help

Task 1

1.1 Communication Process

Communication is a very important part for any organization as it is considered as the backbone of the smooth running of a business. In this assignment the focus is on the Wembley Park located in the Central London which is a actually a lifestyle destination providing different types of facilities like the world class entertainment like the hotels, restaurants, cinemas where people of London came for enjoying a whole day out and another attraction for the people will be the starting of the London Designer outlet where the customers enjoy shopping at a cheaper price and as this is a new attraction for the retail outlet so advertising and promotion is an essential part for creating value to the customers.

There are various kinds of communication processes which are related to the advertisement and the promotion of the business. In this case advertising and promotion is a big factor for this business as advertising and promotion is one of the most useful techniques for the promotion of the business organization (Dunn, 1976). According to the case, for handling so many customers advertising strategy like giving the opportunity to the advertising agencies that has the knowledge of how to promote a business. The second is that the advertisements about the Wembley Park, its facilities should be given on the internet so that the customers can get to view about the retail outlet, making the attractive websites so that the customers are attracted to the outlet. The advertisement given on the magazines and the newspapers which helps in communicating with the owner of the outlet for two purposes like it provides an opportunity for the new people who are interested in working in Wembley Park as a result the business can expand globally and it also creates an opportunity for the customers to come to the outlet more often. The use of the external billboards and the involvement of the social media help in the promotion of the business.

1.2 Explanation of the Organization and Industry

The organization of advertising and the promotion industry actually works in a centralized structure. In this assignment the retail organization mainly focus on the advertising and promotion of the business by producing the advertisements and distributing it through different channels of communication. The advertising agencies have been hired with a certain amount of money by the advertisement manager so that the agencies can provide innovative advertisements for the Wembley Park. For the promotion of the industry the role of social media is very important as it helps in communicating with the customers. The promotional planner of the organization creates an environment for the social media such that it has an influence directly on the customers. The media make the promotional campaigns in the targeted areas where the customers are more attracted by highlighting the facilities given by the retail outlet to the customers and giving the information about the facilities and the excellent quality services provided by Wembley Park. The other agencies like the sales promotion agencies who are involved in focusing on the overall sales of the products which is more demand for the customers and the attractive discounts given to the particular products which have a great demand in the retail outlet may be the food products or the garments. The business organization coordinates with the advertising and the promotion industry so that the objectives of the business can be achieved. The main business objective is to generate sales and to create a brand image of the retail outlet as a result the goodwill among the customers can be created.

1.3 Regulation of Promotion

The promotion regulation is dependent on the risks associated with the promotion as if the promotion has the high factors of risk then promotional campaigns should be stopped immediately as it reflects the negative image of the retail outlet which is in this case is the negative image of Wembley Park (Dunn, 1976).The Wembley Park could not change the pricing policy as per the rules of the UK government as is an unethical practice as it damages the marketing rules. The organization should not promote their products in such a way that it should not hamper the brand image of the other organization. The organization should not give any unethical messages about the products to the customers for enhancing the sales revenue and other benefits of the organization.

1.4 Current Trends in Advertising and its effect of ICT

The current trends in advertising are related with the development of communication technology so that the expansion of the brand image can be extended globally. Globalization and the use of the wireless communication are the new trends in advertising. Advertising has become more complex as the new trends are coming up to compete with the other organization (Cullwick, 1975). Advertisers and the advertising agencies need to come up with the new ideas so that they can easily communicate with the customers and spread the brand image of the organization for the customers to create a customer base. The use of the internet and the services provided by the internet service providers make the customers to get to communicate with them and it generates a higher amount of revenue for the organization. The other new trend in the approach to advertising is the integrated marketing communication which defines the communication messages related to marketing as a result the brand has been highlighted in a far better way.

The impact of ICT on the advertising and the promotion industry has a global exposure to the Wembley Park. It should enhance the brand image of the organization as a result the sales revenue of the organization should be increased, the customer loyalty and value can be created and it becomes very easy to communicate with the customers.

Task 2

2.1 Role of Advertising in an integrated Promotional Strategy

Advertising is basically an essential part of integrated promotional strategy. Advertising can be used as a communication tool for spreading information and for the promotion of the brand which have a direct impact on the reputation and it creates an opportunity for any business organization to expand the business (Cullwick, 1975). It is also used as a mass media promotion as a result advertising of the business is actually a promotional strategy implemented for the organization. The selection of the proper media for communicating with the customers is a vital factor in strategic implementation. Advertising also play a major role in building customer relationships so that the brand image of the organization can be enhanced. It also helps the organization to attract more customers. The use of emails also helps in maintaining good relationship with the customers as a result the customer loyalty can be achieved.

2.2 Impact of Branding on Business/Product

Branding is the most essential element of marketing as it binds the customers with the organization for achieving the long term goals of the organization. Branding is the actual element which is required for enhancing the quality of a product or it enhances the brand image of the organization (Mullin, 2006). Branding is important to compete with the other organization as it is regarded as the mainstay. Branding can have different shapes, for branding the organization can use anything be it a logo, a image, a symbol or a statement which helps in attracting more customers as a result the brand value of the products can be improved and the brand image can be enhanced for the benefit of the business. Branding also helps in the differentiation of a product in the business which gives an idea about what are the products which are accepted by the customers and which is profitable for the organization. Branding strengthens the customer relationship and the customer loyalty can be created. It helps to compete with the other organization by producing different version of the products as a result the customer satisfaction can be achieved.

2.3 Advertising Strategies

Advertising is a very important tool of marketing as the entire scenario of the business is dependent on the formulation of the advertising strategies so that the organization should be successful locally as well as internationally (Mullin, 2006). Advertisement in this recent world is dependent on the development and the production of creative advertisements so that it has a social message and for creating brand image/value for the business/product. It involves innovative advertisements which motivate the customers to buy the product or to come to Wembley Park for getting their services offered to them. Advertising strategies includes the development of the product or excellent quality service according to the needs of the customers. The organization should provide attractive discounts offers to attract more customers to buy the products or to get the service. The product should get value for the customers. The organization should mire focus on the development of brand image and the encapsulation of the advertising campaigns for the promotion of the brand is another advertising strategy. These strategies are implemented so that it creates a positive impact on the customers of Wembley Park.

2.4 Different Ways to Work with Advertising Agencies

The different ways to work with the advertising agencies has been discussed below

  • There is a development of the partnership of the agency with the owner which is important and highlighted in this case of Wembley Park.
  • The hiring of the skilled employees and transfer them to the advertising agencies for better benefit.
  • The hiring of the employees so that the advertising can be done in a proper way.
  • The involvement of the media which is also very important in this case for the promotion of the organization.


3.1: Primary Techniques of the BTL

Wembley Park is one of the most reputated growing retail sectors that also provides the prospect for the visitors to meet in a common place of a urban parkland, and enjoy the food as well as shopping (Mullin, 2006). As the world is gradually ameliorating the preferences of the customer are changing at a rapid process of time for the reason of which the company is practicing the use of Below the Line (BTL) advertising along with Above The Line (ATL) advertising. According to the outlook of Wembley the ATL type of promotions are often a customary and a very conventional type of advertising by the virtue of which the company is all set to use the system of BTL in the promotional sector. The BTL promotions enable the company to reach its consumers directly which pave the path of direct communication process. The company distributes their pamphlets as well as the handbills with the detailed criteria of the company are several parts of the markets and the society which enables it to spread more and more rapidly. The personal stickers and the promotional brochures of the company are also kept in on road promotional tours of the company where they also use the banners and the placards in order to earn the view of the consumers. This BTL promotion of the company also enables the company to display their product demos that they are going to offer the consumers in several busy places like the malls etc. the company also gets engaged with the consumers by mailing them directly and make them are of the brand along with the features of the product.

The primary overview of the company is to encourage the sales promotions to make proper public promotions and earn the loyalty of the customers and get more and more sponsors by the practice of the direct marketing. BTL has got a great impact in the integrated promotional strategy of the business of the company as it enables the company as:

  • Budget formulation: Wembley park is a big retail outlet, it has got a big percentages of sales that takes place every day, per unit products sold daily, monthly or annually, along with the auditors of the company are deeply engaged on the analysis the cost benefits of the company. This promotional technique of the company enables it to maintain an effective budget plan, by the virtue of which the auditors can sketch the economic condition of the company along with that they can follow the guidelines of the budget allocations and get an overview of the cots that are invested in media. This technique also helps the management of the company to compare small and the big budget campaigns and generate a new plan that help the company like Wembley to spread its markets.
  • Generating an effective promotional plan: This promotional technique enables the company to perform several performances during the time of strategy making process. The technique helps the company to analyze its condition in the market presently, to set its objectives, to identify its target audiences, its creative strategy, its tactics in the selection of the media by the practice of several planning tools like AIDA, DAGMAR, SOSTAC etc. this type of planning help the company Wembley to establish its hold over the market as well as achieve its goals.
  • Integration in promotional tactics of the company: This technique helps the company to identify its benefits, the methods of the company in terms of its production to generate new push and pull strategies, to analyze the inter and intra media decisions. The technique also helps the company to identify the effective path of overcoming the barriers.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the practiced campaigns: BTL technique being the direct form of marketing enables the company like Wembley to compare its objectives with the other that are existing in the market. The technique also gathers the responses of the consumers on the company during the time of the survey and looks after the repeat purchases. The practice of this technique enables Wembley to earn the required customer loyalty and to make their business cost effective and to perform all the qualitative and quantitative measures.

3.2 Additional Techniques of BTL

  • The functions and the uses of the corporate communications- Communications are the integral part of the marketing business (Mullin, 2006). The communications that takes place during the time of the promotions enables the company to share its ideas with the consumers in the market. This sharing process enables the company like Wembley to attract its consumers by process of communications, it may be in a verbal process or it can be digital.
  • The image and the identity of the company- The image of the company in the most important thing by the help of which a company grows. The detailed structure of the company and its overviews over the products it is offering and the outlook of the company over its consumers and the global markets acts as the identification of the company. This has a great impact over the companies’ growth in the international market.
  • Effective exhibitions- The practice of several exhibitions on a busy place enables the company to share its ideas towards its consumers and in a small period of time the company gets viable in the mind of the people and the products the company is offering.
  • Word of mouth- The promises given by the company to its consumers on any products should be fulfilled in order to maintain a transparency in the business.
  • Personal selling technique related to the company- The selling technique of every individual is different and it is one this technique the growth of the company actually depends.
  • The effective use of the multi-media for the benefits of the company: The Company should choose the multi-media effectively during the time of the strategy management system of the company as it is the main medium by the virtue of which the overviews as well as the products of the company gets displayed in front of the customers.

Task 4

4.1: Process for the formulation of a budget for an integrated promotional strategy:

Budget is basically an estimation of the overall revenue and the expenses of an organization over a certain period of time. For the integrated promotional strategy of Wembley Park the incorporation of the following type of budgets will be considered:

  • Master Budget: A master budget can be considered a projection of the overall business that is conducted over the fiscal year or the period of the budget. The master budget is a comprehensive summarizing of the financial activity, income statement and the balance sheet (Jones, 2001).The interrelated budgets of different departments are also included in the master budget. These budgets are basically the subsets that are used by the managers to set some performance goals and objectives.
  • Operational Budget: An operational budget covers the various expenses and the revenues based on the business of the company on a day to day basis. The overall revenues give a projection of the organization’s products sales and services. Expenses define the overall costs which are related to production of certain goods and services provided.
  • Financial Budget: A financial budget mainly highlights the spending and receiving of money which includes the corporate sales, total revenue generated and the overall capital expenditure. Financial budgets are used by the executive managers in leveraging the finance and overall value of the organization for various mergers and public stock offerings.
  • Sales Budget: A sales budget contains the important details of the overall sales of the organization and the sales expectation within the period of budget which is also known as the fiscal year.

4.2 Promotional plan for the business

Promotional plan is considered to be an important aspect for an organization to run a successful business (Jones, 2001). The promotional plan of the Wembley Park should focus towards the products and services provided, the overall market condition, the ongoing financial situation and last but not the least the marketing or the sales tactics. Wembley Park should consider the following steps in developing an efficient promotional plan:

  • The organization should analysis its strengths and weakness by carrying out a detailed internal as well as external analysis and considers the growing market opportunities.
  • It is necessary for Wembley Park to analyze the products and services provided from the customer’s point of view and find out what is beneficial for the customers.
  • Most importantly Wembley Park needs to set some goals which are mentioned as follows:
    • Increasing of sales volume within the existing customers.
    • Increasing of sales volume by generation of new customers.
    • Enlargement and enhancement of the organization’s name, image and reputation.
    • Introduction of new products or services.
  • The above mentioned goals can be executed by an effective strategy planning. The strategy should include the following:
    • Making personal sales calls to the customers.
    • Making promotions through printing advertisements in newspapers, magazines and trading journals.
    • Participation in trade exhibitions.
    • Conduction of an efficient strategy of public relations.
    • Offering discounts for large volume of customers.
  • The organization should gather detailed information on its competitors’ strengths and weaknesses which in turn will help Wembley Park to take necessary steps in improving its market standings.

4.3 Integration of promotional techniques into promotional strategy

Wembley Park is required to implement the promotional plan keeping in mind the budget expenses, and then analyze the success of the goals and objectives set for smooth running and expansion of the business (Elvy, 1991). The organization needs to make the most of the value information it has gathered from the detail analysis of the customers and the market. Proper sales tactics must be implemented by the organization in achieving its goals.

Wembley Park may follow the following promotional and sales tactics:

  • Notifying the existing as well as the new customers about the organization’s products and services through sales phone calls or via sending of mails
  • Printing advertisements in newspapers and various commercial magazines for promoting awareness among the customer base.
  • Creating a new or changing the existing logo or the organization brochure to gain the attention of new as well as the existing customers.
  • Offering on discounts on various products which will in turn attract more customers.

4.4 Techniques for measuring campaign effectiveness:

Wembley Park can monitor the effectiveness of the campaign by conducting surveys regarding the consumers’ reaction towards the new approaches of the organization. The reactions of the consumer are the key to the success of the undertaken promotional plan(Carson,2009).The survey will not only help the organization to increase its customer base but will also help the organization to make a risk analysis of the undertaken promotional plan. The organization will come to know about the success or failure of the promotional plan through the conducted survey. If the organization get negative views from the consumer it can make the necessary changes to their promotional strategy. On success of the promotional plan the organization can implement more effective techniques to surpass its previous set goals.


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