Analysing leadership styles and company performance

Leadership styles and performance of the company

Leadership has an impact on the future of a company. A question arises regarding the decision-making processes and leadership styles of large-sized Nigerian banks. These banks contribute largely to the Nigerian financial sector and witnessed major changes over 20 years. This has, however, helped to develop confidence amongst the public. These banks are supervised by the Apex bank (Nigeria Central bank) that plays a regulatory role in the Nigerian economy.

In 2002, need to the reinforcement of these banks was discussed by the Apex bank. This request to recapitalisation raised the capital base of these banks to NGN 25 billion and ensured the compliance of the banks. However, this made it difficult for the banks, the mergers and the acquisition of files and rank of the banks. This lowered the number of Nigerian economic banks to 25 and was described as megabanks in African economy. Some banks performed exceptionally while some failed. A recent audit showed the unhealthy state of the banks.

This research shows leadership styles of some Nigerian economic banks and the impacts of those styles. The leadership pattern and the relation between the performance of those banks and the styles are discussed in this study.

Literature review

Leadership influences the achievement of goals of the organisation and also the interaction with others. Leadership is unethical when the leader takes risks and creates a vision for the needs of his followers. A leader must make rules to achieve the goals and must make good use of the resources and control his followers.

Five types of leadership are:

Taskmaster: Devotes his power to the job

Regulator: Gives order and is careless regarding the health of the employees

Comforter: Looks after the interest and comfort of his members

Manipulator: Cares for the members as well as for the job

Developer: Looks after the completion of the job along with the wellbeing of the members.

Developer and manipulator get a positive review towards goal achievement.


I believe that leadership is important for the performance of the banks. However, when I will get a supervisor, I will evaluate the availability of resources from these banks.

Research Objectives

Objective of this research includes:

  1. Depth knowledge of leadership styles
  2. Use of leadership theories on the unhealthy Nigerian banks
  3. Relation of the performance of those banks and the styles


The research questions find the styles as adopted by the banks, the relation amongst employees and their views on the policies of the organisation. Questions are asked to the senior, middle and the junior managers. Information is also collected from the bank and CBN websites. Received data has helped to prepare a chi-square and assume to get a good response from the questionnaire. Secondary data has been collected from the website of CBN.

Research Ethics

Ethical policies are kept in mind while doing this research work and the analysed data and interviews have been asked personally. In addition, I have not used any duplicate data.

Time Scale as well as Resources

January Selection of topics
February Consultation with the supervisor
March Reviewing of literature
April Further reviewing of literature
May Drafting of the literature (first part)
June Writing of further literature and drafting of questionnaire
July Conduction of interview
August Starting of dissertation
September Correction and draft submission
October Final work submission

Research Questions

How can leadership styles affect the performance of the banks?

How can decision making process and leadership reduce the failure of Nigerian banks?

Aim of this research is divided into profitability, maintenance of position and competition in the market.

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