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There are some subjects that look like they are the easiest, but scoring marks in them is not really an easy task. You are taught numerous subjects in your school and colleges. You have been studying some of them from your junior classes like English and mathematics and some others which are new to you like science and history. Some of the subjects are very common and you use them in your daily life just like speaking English and doing math. The others are more field-specific and you do not use them much in your daily life like history or geography.

Here we are talking about the most common subject i.e. English. Studying English is not a big deal but scoring mark in the subject definitely is. You have been studying English since childhood. It was considered as an easy subject in earlier classes but the matter is a lot different when we talk about senior classes. You are often not able to put such sentences into writing which you speak very commonly with your family and mates. English is, no doubt, the most widely used language across the world. Looking at the various problems students face and the vast importance of English, we have introduced our English assignment help services.

Meaning of English

There are two different forms of context in which the term ‘English’ is used i.e. English as a subject taught in class and also English is used by many countries as their local and official language. English basically is a West Germanic language originating from early medieval England. It is now a globally accepted language. The language is spoken in different accents by people from different regions. The language is most commonly spoken in the provinces of UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many others. It has become the most common language for communication among natives of different countries.

Looking at the other form, English as a subject is the study of words, sentences, phonetics, vocabulary and phonology and learning nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs etc. In the layman language, it aims at improving your communication and writing skills of the ‘language’ English. The study of tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, modals, proverbs, idioms, literary works, fictions and poems are all part of English.

The study of English as a subject is not the same as the study of English as a language. There are various branches of the subject like literature, grammar, remedial, comprehensive, writing, rhetoric etc. You can think of pursuing a career in any of these branches. Our English assignment help services can help you pave your way to this subject.

Importance of studying English

English is perhaps the most important subject you can think of. It is the only language which is universally spoken. If you can speak and write English fluently, you can go almost anywhere in the world and you will not face any problem. Reading literary works of famous writers from various countries enhance your vocabulary. Reading poems and developing an understanding of them can develop your thinking other than improving your writing skills. You should get the most out of your academic course as every part of English which is taught in school is used in some way or the other in the future. Our academic writing help services will help you achieve the same.

Your teachers pay a great on the grammar part. This is because they also know that grammar is such a part which will help you for lifelong. It has become very important to learn English. If you are planning to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer, scientist or any other profession, learning English still remains a prerequisite. To be able to communicate in English is also very important to get into the corporate world. Your interviewer will not talk to you in your native language as they prefer candidates who can communicate well in English. Last but the most important, studying English is important for you to get good marks after all!

All these things revolve around learning English from the school level itself. You cannot learn English in a year or two. It is a gradual process and you have to start it from now. Helpmyassignment provides you English assignment help so that you can reach to us anytime you face difficulty in the process of learning English.

Subdivisions and respective problems in English

English is subdivided into various parts. There are four main types of branches in English. It is important for you to have a deep knowledge of all of them. You may come across a lot of problems while studying them and more importantly, preparing to write them for the exams. Our team provides you English assignment help for all your problems.


This is one of the most important parts which taught in every high school. Literature parts include writings such as stories, essays, fictions and poems by renowned writers and poets. It also includes novels on various topics by famous novelists. You have read all these writings and should develop a deep understanding of the writing. When we talk about a deep understanding, it includes not only understanding the meaning of the particular literature piece which you are reading but also about the respective writer or the poet, its significance, message behind it, the structure and vocabulary used, rhyming schemes and figures of speech.

You have to read and understand various types of genres and themes. Some genres such as words of wisdom, supernatural and informative are comparatively difficult to understand and memorize. Poems of poets like William Shakespeare are written in old English making them even tougher to understand. Our experts will connect to you through our online assignment writing services and will provide you every detail you need of a literary work.


Grammar is the part which looks like it is very easy but it is actually not. Grammar means studying forms of sentences and the use of phrases, clauses and words. Grammar includes studying topics like tenses, verbs, nouns, adverbs, modals, conjunctions, prepositions, active and passive voice, phonetics, direct and indirect speech and numerous other topics. The aim of teaching grammar is to speak and write the English language in a better way.

Understanding topics in grammar is a little easier. However, application of the topics is tuff. The examiners often judge your ability to apply the grammatical concepts in sentences. To be good at this, you need a thorough practice of application. Also, some students face the problem of memorizing the rules of application as there are too many. Phonetics and tenses are considered two of the most difficult one. Helpmyassignment assures you to serve its best in this part with our English assignment help services.

Reading and comprehension

This part includes reading seen and unseen passages and poems, understanding them and answering questions related to them. The most probable difficulty which you face while dealing with this part might be- understanding the passage especially the unseen one. Also, some passages contain some words you are not aware of. This can create a problem as you will not be able to understand the meaning of the whole sentence because of our weak vocabulary.

You must read the passage at least 2-3 times to understand what does it wants to say. Also, you should be good at grabbing words and their meanings. We will provide you with a variety of such passages and poems so that you can comprehend this part in a better way.


Here comes the most difficult yet the easiest part. Seems ironic, isn’t it? Well, this is true. This is because, even if you don’t study a word for your exams, you will still be able to write something worth scoring in this part. And if you study each and every word for your exams, you will still not be able to score full marks in this part.

The writing part contains letters, essays, reports, speeches, dialogues, mails, stories, articles and many more. You should hold a very good command on your vocabulary and content framing o do well in this part. You have to also remember some specified formats for letters and reports or else you would end up losing marks. Our assignment writing services will definitely benefit you the most for this. We will teach you the way of effective writing starting right from the top.

Why Help My Assignment?

So far we have been telling you that our tutorial services will drive you out of all the problems you face in English. Now we will tell you the way in which we will make this possible. You don’t have to learn formulae, solve equations, apply logics and memorize tables in English. All you have to practice these assignments once delivered.

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We have excelled in our services. Our support will help you improve more and more. Now it’s your time to excel in English. We would always stand by your side. There is no one to judge you by your marks here. We just want to judge your skills and strive to make them better each and every day. Helpmyassignment is a platform you can totally rely upon. We will never let you down. We are eagerly waiting to help you. Let’s contact us today!

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