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The 10 Most Common Types of Plagiarism

A content creator (doesn’t matter whether a writer or a video maker) know that what plagiarism exactly is. You can find that there is always good content creator who come up with their own thoughts and ideas but some other people totally copy them. Some copies are easy to find with tools, but some can take a little time to find.
To learn about all, this guide will be the perfect guide because the below mentioned are top 10 types of plagiarism that you must know about. Each type is different on the basis of the technique used in it. So, read carefully to understand that why that is plagiarism.
“The text written in Italic font will represent plagiarism which will ease up the work to you.”
Usually, a number of people do this cloning steal where they copy the content word by word. This type is easy to distinguish because you can find every single word is matching, and anyone can say that it is a copy. The below-given example will help you understand –
Original –
If you do daily workout and meditation, you will be more productive, and full of energy the entire day that’s why you must make It the part of the routine.
Plagiarized Content –
If you do daily workout and meditation, you will be more productive, and full of energy the entire day that’s why you must make It the part of the routine.
You can easily find that the above-given example is exactly what cloning look like. There are thousands of examples of it online.
Copying Without Any alteration
There is no need of giving an example in this section because it is similar to the last one but the slight change in type. When someone writes content and copy a small portion or a single sentence without any alteration, then it is called as plagiarism or CTRL + C.
Using Find + Replace Tool
You can find a number of methods used by cheaters to plagiarize content. As you know that all the professional writing tools offer “Find and Replace” option for convenience, but these tools become handy to plagiarize content. The trick is to choose any sentence and replace it with the other one.

Original –

One hour of Yoga and meditation can calm your body down effective, and it is highly reliable for those who always have lots of workloads.

Plagiarized Content –

There is no doubt that One hour of Yoga and meditation can calm your body down effective for everyone, and it is highly reliable for those who always have lots of workloads.
By adding some words here and there with some keyword fitting, the text is changed, and many manners can fool the tools. So, such people can get away with the copy and they no one will be able to catch them.
Recycle own Content
If you are a writer, then you may know that there are a number of orders to complete every day and all the content you have done may not be uploaded online. So, this gives the idea of using any portion of the old content again, and it is pretty much a bad idea because when both the content is online, then it will cause issues to the website.

Original –

People who do yoga and follow a good diet plan are less likely to face issues. The immune system will improve, and it can help with the metabolism also. So, it would help if you started to focus on Yoga and such other form of daily workout.

Plagiarized Content –

Waking up early in the morning is a good habit, and you can do morning workout also. By adopting such habits, the immune system will improve, and it can help with the metabolism also.
The example mentioned above represents that how someone can use the old content or a small portion in the new one. This one is also hard to find because such content takes time to be cached by Google.
Just Remix Everything
Again, the one more common type is to remix the content and never get caught. When someone takes different sources in the consideration and copies a little content from couple sources, then it is remix plagiarism.
The only issue is with the quality of content and the flow also. You can’t find the plagiarism directly with tools, but if you read carefully, then you will be able to find that the sentences don’t make any sense. And, there are more than five words copied in the row then the tools will also catch the plagiarism.
Using Synonyms
Who doesn’t know about this type where people use synonyms and copy the entire content. It is really hard for plagiarism checker tools, but your eyes can easily find that both the content are same with a little change.

Original –

After one month of adopting meditation, you will start to feel a flood of energy in the body. It will make you feel good as well as give you positive energy.

Plagiarized Content –

After one month of implementing meditation, you will begin to feel a flood of energy in the body. It will sort you feel better as well as give you progressive energy.
The content in grey represent the copy, and the rest one is original, but if you compare both then you can find that both are same. All the original parts are actually the synonyms of the existing word. So, saying that this content is also plagiarized won’t be a wrong thing.

So, what are the other types?

You can find four more types of plagiarism where the original content is copied with the use of tricks. The types are –
  • Content Mashup
  • Hybrid
  • Re-tweet
  • Aggregator
These are four more types that are easy to find. Copying someone content is definitely a bad idea because it makes you habitual of using this method instead of working hard. So, every writer should try to copy ever. Otherwise, he/she will get used to it when the deadline is hard to achieve.
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